Toro! Toro!

This past Monday I styled some outfits for a fashion show I'm involved with at school. The name of the show is Jeanesis: The Origins of Denim, themed after the region of Nimes in France. Nimes has been strongly influenced by Spanish and gypsy culture and has traditions of the corrida (bullfighting) and cattle raising. For the show we are taking inspiration from these influences and traditions by putting models in black lace, floral patterns, boots, excessive jewelry, and looks inspired by Christian Lacroix. 

I've posted two looks that I styled out of the models' own clothing. 

If you're in the Baton Rouge area on Tuesday April 28 come to Jeanesis: The Origins of Denim

xx, Q.


Hey, Babycakes

With a night of insomnia, I've found myself some time to post!
I've been surfing the web for most of the night, and I came across BabyCakes. An awesome vegan bakery in NYC.
They are "refined sugar-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, casein-free, egg-free, vegan, kosher". Though, I'm not vegan NYLON has highly recommended the shop in their blog entry about the founder's BabyCakes cookbook. Next time I'm home (JUNE! I can't wait) I will have to make a trip to the Lower East Side shop to try their vegan cupcakes. Last time I was in the city, I stopped at Magnolia Bakery for a delectable vanilla cupcake for myself and Rachel who was extremely sick and cooped up in her dorm. Maybe this
 time we'll be able to venture out together.

Yumm. I can't wait. 
And for those of you who won't be in the NYC area anytime soon, BabyCakes does deliver!

Until next time (which I hope will be soon),

PS I got accepted into my Paris program, so I will be studying in France all next year! Get ready for some parisian entries come September ^.^


I can't.... I have rehearsal.

Dear Blog,
I haven't abandoned you I promise. I've just had to go away for awhile because tech rehearsals have started for Love's Labour's Lost (the show I'm in).

I will return soon, I promise.
Love, Q.

PS What's amazing about this picture is that my costume really does look like this, so this is basically me backstage.

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