Ciao Bella

Hello, hello! Recently the dreary weather in Paris has led me to do some more "therapy shopping". It also doesn't help... my bank account, that there are AMAZING sales all over Paris either, for it is soldes season.  (For those of you who don't know what soldes is, French shops tend not to have a "sale section". Instead, to clear out Winter inventory before Spring/Summer, and to clear out Summer inventory before Fall/Winter, the stores have huge sales - 75% off - mid-January to mid-February and mid-July to mid-August.)
Since soldes is coming to a close, stores are starting to do their final markdowns, which are just too irresistible. So far my purchases, in addition to all of the vintage, have been: a red-orange cable knit tube scarf from Kookaï (a shop, full of beautiful clothing, which seems to exist everywhere but the Americas. Oh poo.), black shorts with detachable suspenders from Zara (this purchase was quite exciting for me because my last pair of suspenders broke awhile ago, and I've been having trouble finding a replacement!), a fun neon pink and orange necklace from H&M (definitely a statement piece), and a dusty rose dress that I've been eyeing at Zara all semester that finally went on sale!

Here is the rose dress, so girly and pretty, I'm absolutely in love with it.

[dress: Zara, tights: NY&co, ring: vintage, bkgrd img: weheartit]
Keep your eyes peeled for more outfit posts with some of the other purchases.

In other news...
I wanted to say Arrevederci to you all for I leave for Italia on Saturday. I may have time between cleaning my room and packing my suitcase to squeeze one last post in before I leave, but if not, ciao bellas! I will hopefully come back with some wonderful posts from my whirlwind tour.

xx, Q.


Beat Those Blue Mondays

Hope your day wasn't too blue!
Here's what I wore to bring some cheer to my day.

[coverup - Free People, shirt - A&E, skinnies - Express, boots - Zara, headband - Urban Outfitters, Q necklace - gift, heart necklace - A&E, ring - vintage]

What did you wear today?
xx, Q.

Somebody Has A Case of the Mondays...

Good Morning! Feeling down? It's very possible you're feeling the results of Blue Monday, established in 2005 as the "most depressing day of the year". Blue Monday hits each year on the third Monday in January. Making this year's, today. So, in celebration, or perhaps uncelebration of this event, I've posted some blue inspired images to add a little cheer to your day. Enjoy, and keep smiling.

Don't stay in bed, go out and play!

For a little Blue Monday bonus, click here!

xx, Q.

[credit: weheartit, coco+kelley]


Alice Always ♡

Thank you M. for introducing me to the blog: The Cherry Blossom Girl! Please go check out her site, the blog is gorgeous, as is she and her clothing. Plus, she is a fellow Parisienne.
One thing that really excited me about her blog was the link to Photoshoot because within the shoots, I found an "Alice In Wonderland" themed one (always a favorite). The photos reminded me a lot of the time C. and I worked on a commercial shoot for the "Calm-A-Sutra"Of Tea contest where I played Alice. Behind the scenes C. and I were fooling around taking some pictures which I've posted below with some pictures from the photoshoot on Cherry Blossom as well. Of course the actual photoshoot's pictures are much better than our fooling around ones, but quite related, huh?

[top: Q. styled by C. ; blouse - Zara, dress and shoes - C.'s closet]
[bottom: credit - Cherry Blossom Girl]

[top: Q. styled by C. ; book credit - The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior]
[bottom: credit - Cherry Blossom Girl]

See more photos from the shoot here.

Just a little something from a lazy sunday.

xx, Q.

LOOKBOOK.nu: "Broke I$ The New Black"

LOOKBOOK.nu: collective fashion consciousness.

LOOKBOOK.nu: "Broke I$ The New Black" by Q.:
"Buffalo Plaid Wool Shirt from Vintage, Truly Madly Deeply Black Long Tank from Urban Outfitters, Black Cable Knit Tights from New York & Co., Black Heeled Boots from Forever 21"


Free 'P' ☆

Yesterday was one of those therapeutic shopping days...What was the prescription? VINTAGE.
Charlotte and I spent the better half of the afternoon perusing the vintage shops in the Marais, my favorite area of Paris. We came across a few shops with some absolutely fabulous designer pieces, but they were more like collectables, so their prices were wayyy up there. The garments were quite fun to look at though. A girl can dream, right?

We eventually came across Free "P" Star, a tiny shop JAMMED with clothes. The 3€ bins immediately caught our attention (something more along the lines of our student budgets!) Digging through the abyss like bins, this season's nautical stripes started floating to the top. Charlotte bought a loose-fitting striped shirt, and I bought a stripy tank, soon to be cropped. Next was the 1€ bin, mostly packed with different types of scarves that would have taken days to sort through. So my shopping tactic was to reach way down and pull the fabric up, and by doing so, I happened upon a grey-blue and black cheetah print scarf. Just something fun, and only ONE euro! My last purchase was a red, burnt orange floral print dress that I intend on altering a bit. I plan to hem it and shorten the sleeves, possibly adding a gather? Let me know what you think. I'll post pictures of the process once I figure out how I will do these alterations sans sewing machine!

scarf 1€, tank 3€: Free 'P' Star

dress 10€: Free 'P' Star

snap closure shirt 9€: FripeStar
After yesterday's vintage adventure, I've gotten into quite the fripe-y mood. So, on my way to lunch on the bank of Canal St. Martin (soon to have it's own post here), I came across another shop on rue de Lancry. Same name, FripeStar, but different owners. Loving the baggy flannel shirts of the moment, I decided to invest in my own. Out of their vast selection, I chose a red, white, and blue flannel pattern with pearly snaps (pictured above). I also tried on some lace up heeled booties, that were adorable, but unfortunately they were a bit big... Alas, my search goes on for vintage lace up boots. Another excuse for more vintage shopping? Ok!

Well until next time...
xx, Q.
[credit: shopbop]


Rah Rah... Oh Gaga!

Two words: Lady. Gaga.

Some love her, some hate her. Personally, I'm a lover. From her fun-to-dance-to, catchy songs, to her out of this world costumes, I'm a fan through and through. She is like no other musician/fashion icon/media persona out there. T Magazine's blog published an interview with the man responsible for the living fashion spread which is the music video for "Bad Romance". Nicola Formichetti is not only stylist to Miss Gaga, but also, the creative director of magazine Dazed and Confused and fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan.
How does someone come up with the such imaginative spectacles that Lady Gaga wears? He told T Magazine he often finds inspiration in his "huge toy collection that [he sources] through for ideas". Formichetti also said, "most importantly [he finds] that traveling and visiting new places is very inspiring."
Agreed! Living in Paris, and doing my day-to-day routine, I find tons of inspiration. Any large city introduces a plethora of people and scenes; everyday is a new experience. I'm excited to travel more this semester to expand my file of cultural influences.
Formichetti, half-Japanese, half-Italian, donates his "East meets West" personal style to his work as well.

I would love to pick his brain. I have always been in complete awe of Lady Gaga, especially with her latest "Bad Romance" video. Granted, Gaga brings much of her own personal style to what she wears, so working with Formichetti couldn't have created a better fashion love affair.

Please watch all of "Bad Romance". It's beyond fabulous.

xx, Q.

Credit: perezhilton


Fashion Food Nation

Staying on track with your resolutions? I'm trying.
xx, Q.
credit: VJF


"My what big teeth you have..."

Once upon a time...

The fairytales I grew up having read to me have been making a significant comeback in the past few years. Now, more than ever, "fairytale chic" is in the spotlight. With the premiere of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in March, influencing all sorts of frivolous and dreamlike pieces and editorials, to this past September's issue of Vogue with the spread "Into the Woods" featuring Natalia Vodianova as Little Red Riding Hood, I couldn't be more elated to start experimenting with different childhood inspired outfits.
Browsing through the soldes at Galeries Lafayette the other day, I came across the random American Apparel shop in the middle of the store. Spotted. I was immediately drawn to the red California Fleece Cape. I tried it on, instantly feeling the urge to take a trip through a snow-dusted forest only to find Grandma has become a wolf. I was in love. Unfortunately, the cape was 72 €.. a bit too expensive for my budget/the actuality of the cape. It's absolutely adorable, but it is just fleece...

So, my search will continue for fun fairytale garments to incorporate into my wardrobe. Perhaps a Hänsel and Gretel dirndl-like sundress, or maybe a shimmering pair of Ruby Red Slippers. I'll keep you updated in my findings.

...and they all lived happily ever after.
xx, Q.

(forgive me for such a short/sloppy entry, it's 2:30 am and I needed a break from studying!)
Image Credit:
Into The Woods editorial from Vogue September 2009; thanks to Fashion Gone Rogue.
The American Apparel
California Fleece Cape... the picture doesn't do it justice.


Streets of Paris: The Rest of 2009

Salut mes amis!
I never ended up posting the rest of my fashion photos from my fall semester à Paris. There aren't many, but again, as stated in the post below, number one new year's resolution is to blog more. Meaning, to keep up with my Streets of Paris blog-segment as well.

Stalker shot from my window. They were wearing some great outfits!

Not in Paris - Dublin: a fabulous window display for the holidays with a beautiful emerald gown (unfortunately you can't really see it in this photo) and a table decorated with Ladurée macarons and champagne. yum.

The Following Photos Are From The Galeries Lafayette Holiday Window Display:

Each window had some sort of movement going on inside. This was my favorite. In this, the gingerbread man was conducting and shaking his little bum. So cute, plus the clothes were très chic.

Unfortunately, the photographs just don't do the windows justice. The displays were so beautifully put together. So much detail. Much thought must have gone into their creation.

A mannequin in the department store. Also, an inspiration to alter a former homecoming dress from high school into something more along these luxe lines.

Incredibly cool clutch.

The ceiling of Galeries Lafayette. The Christmas tree was decorated in pink and gold, with these floating presents all around. I was in awe, and felt like a 5 year old at Barbie's dream-house Christmas party.

BONUS: Some outfits I put together this fall, and took some snapshots of for LookBook.nu.

Alice Through The Looking Glass: an Alice in Wonderland inspired ensemble.

Broke Is The New Black: isn't that the truth? Life in Paris...

xx, Q.



I failed toward the end of 2009 in posting on my blog.

This is why at the top of my New Year's Resolutions list is: post in blog more often.

Now back in Paris after two weeks in the states for a nice relaxing holiday, I'm about to start finals, so blog posting may not be extremely frequent until after exams. I am making a promise to myself, and whoever else still reads this blog, though, that I will be posting a lot more.

Turning over a new leaf for the new decade; cliché, but necessary.

Paris 2010, I'm ready.
[Image Credit: weheartit]

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