New Obsessions

Within the past month or so, I've discovered the development of two new obsessions: Christian Louboutin and Mika. So this morning, it was just my luck to discover on gogoparis.com a film honoring Christian Louboutin's new Hollywood store debut. Louboutin wrote, directed, and even had a cameo in the film.

Louboutin sets up a mélange of a femme fatale, thriller, paying tribute to Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho, and a whirling frenzy of "shoe heaven" with a musical background of Mika's current single "We Are Golden". Just wait for the shoe paradise, you'll be green with envy...

xx, Q.


Streets of Paris: Week 1-2

I've decided to add a photoblogging element to Quinntessential Style. Each week I will post the fashions I happen to capture while roaming the streets of Paris. Some images will be trés chics and some will just be over the top. Enjoy!

(Fierce) Louboutin's: every girl's dream.

This Jean-Charles de Castelbajacdress was actually worn by Katy Perry during Paris Fashion Week!

And here's the suit for your date.

Cute Boots (with some Paris dirt)

Only in Paris: out running errands, but still amazingly chic with her thick black bob, red flats, and red necklace.

My flashy new red tights I'm in love with.

The internet is tediously slow here, so I have fallen behind on my blogging. (It also doesn't help having a sinus infection and all I want to do is sleep!) I'm done filling my blog with false promises though. I'll post soon, but I don't know how soon!

You can't blame me... I'm in Paris!
xo, Q.

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