Streets of Paris (and Lyon): Week 3-4

Took a while, I'm sorry!

Salon du Chocolat: Chocolate Corset

Salon du Chocolat: 100% Chocolate Stiletto, what more could a girl want?

Streets of Lyon

Streets of Lyon: High Class Graffiti

Streets of Lyon: Vintage Shop

Outfit I created at Vintage Midinette in Lyon. Those boots are killer.

Shopkeeper of the "designer incubator", Le Tube à Essai, in Lyon

Equestrian in the city

Just a cute little resto

Man in Dress

Mount St Michel: Little Fisherman

Weeks 5-6 soon to come!
xx, Q.


New Obsessions

Within the past month or so, I've discovered the development of two new obsessions: Christian Louboutin and Mika. So this morning, it was just my luck to discover on gogoparis.com a film honoring Christian Louboutin's new Hollywood store debut. Louboutin wrote, directed, and even had a cameo in the film.

Louboutin sets up a mélange of a femme fatale, thriller, paying tribute to Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho, and a whirling frenzy of "shoe heaven" with a musical background of Mika's current single "We Are Golden". Just wait for the shoe paradise, you'll be green with envy...

xx, Q.


Streets of Paris: Week 1-2

I've decided to add a photoblogging element to Quinntessential Style. Each week I will post the fashions I happen to capture while roaming the streets of Paris. Some images will be trés chics and some will just be over the top. Enjoy!

(Fierce) Louboutin's: every girl's dream.

This Jean-Charles de Castelbajacdress was actually worn by Katy Perry during Paris Fashion Week!

And here's the suit for your date.

Cute Boots (with some Paris dirt)

Only in Paris: out running errands, but still amazingly chic with her thick black bob, red flats, and red necklace.

My flashy new red tights I'm in love with.

The internet is tediously slow here, so I have fallen behind on my blogging. (It also doesn't help having a sinus infection and all I want to do is sleep!) I'm done filling my blog with false promises though. I'll post soon, but I don't know how soon!

You can't blame me... I'm in Paris!
xo, Q.


To Oz?

After seeing The September Issue this past week, I was determined to find The Wizard of Oz Vogue spread by Annie Leibovitz that flashed before the screen for a millisecond. Dorothy has been a dream role of mine ever since I was three. I was elated to find the entire collection of photos staring Keira Knightley as Dorothy, just follow the yellow brick road....

"Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?"

"Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!"

"To Oz? To Oz!"

"There's no place like home"

photos courtesy of style.com


RePost: Fashion Photog

Today while bumming around the internets, I discovered the site for fashion photog Rinze van Brug. Rinze has an interesting spectrum of work highly inspired by music. According to his bio, "with new music constantly hitting the scene Rinze utilizes the fusion of music, life and art in his photography". Some of my favorite photographs are posted below.

Go to his site and check out some more of his work, or check out
Dutch House of Photography.

xx, Q.

[Image Credit:
Rinze van Brug]

(PS Look for other RePosts throughout the blog. I added the earlier posts into their original post dates!)

My New Fashion Inspiration

Filling the live tv spot on MTV once TRL left the scene, It's On With Alexa Chung incorporates a talk show setting with social networking interactions. Not only is the show fun and allows viewers to feel present at the show with their posts to Facebook and Twitter being broadcast, but Alexa Chung is absolutely fabulous. She's so witty, has the best accent, super skinny, and, my favorite, INCREDIBLY fashionable. I know M. has posted some on her already, which I will link you to here and here, but I felt the need to express my love as well.

I am incredibly jealous of M. and C. being able to go to the show and sit first row in the audience. Lucky girls. I sat at home and watched while the camera zoomed right into their faces. Here's a picture I took of them (below). I have sent my audience attendee request to MTV, but have yet to hear anything... my fingers are crossed.

Back to Alexa and her amazing style. I've found that my own style has developed into a more cool and casual, laid-back look, rather than the prim and proper, always put together. Alexa has become my icon for this developed look. She tends to wear the styles I prefer, and wears them well! A recent WWWD "What Would She Wear" email was sent to me with an interesting selection of Alexa-inspired choices in clothing, accessories, and makeup.
The article stated, "...the main reason we TiVo the show is to get a glimpse of her enviable wardrobe (her on-air outfits are also detailed via MTV.com!)", which is EXACTLY what I do. My DVR is set to record the series and every time I press play, I cannot wait to see what brilliant outfit she will be wearing. Props to MTV for creating a blog that dissects each outfit she wears on the show. Not only does Tamar Anitai write where each garment is from, but she also gives great suggestions as how to recreate the outfit with some other garment options. Check out the "Buzzworthy Blog" here.

Below I've posted some of my favorite outfits she's worn on-air.

I intend on recreating this outfit below sometime in the near future.

Alexa...ily. I wish I could borrow your clothes/wardrobe from the show.

PS Extra points: She's a big Chanel fan.

[Image Credit: MTV Buzzworthy Blog]


"You've Got A Very Important Date":

MARCH 5th, 2010

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I cannot wait for this to come out.

Burton released a sneak-peak of Alice in Wonderland at Comic-Con International. I love the costume idea for Alice's dress. The off the shoulder, halter dress brings forth the Lolita essence of Alice. Instead of the childlike image of Disney's animation, Burton's real life Alice appears to have grown up a bit. I hope within the film he presents her alluring, yet still naive side.

Colleen Atwood came up with some amazing costume designs for the characters. She truly captured the whimsical air of Lewis Carroll's fantasy, but added that dark, ever-so-creepy underlying tone, which is a constant in Tim Burton's work.

What a delightful un-birthday present! Thank you Tim Burton :) I could not have asked for a better director to bring the story to life. Hopefully there will be a 3D viewing option in Paris.

Will you won't you, will you won't you, won't you join the dance?


Get Excited Marissa

Hello. Please forgive my much too long absence.

Reading some NYLON online and they reminded me that Fashion Week is coming up soonish! Yay. London Fashion Week's schedule has been posted. Shows begin 10 am Friday, September 18 and last until the 23rd (when I leave for Paris!) NYC hasn't said too much on their FW schedule yet.

Some designers in the lineup are: Luella, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Matthew Williamson, and Burberry (who has returned from Milan). Though it would be amazzzing if I could be in Paris so I could just hop the channel to London to see some shows, that is obviously not a possibility. BUT! I can still keep up with LFW TV. And maybe I could possibly hit up NY shows while I'm still here. That would be pretty great.

This is not a lot, I know. I need to probably start posting everyday. I'm really going to try... I am just bumming around this summer.


RePost: D.I.Yes!

So C. and I explored Princeton today for our soon to come Fashion Profile of town. On our expedition, after ogling the cute Ugly Dolls and precious handmade-type stuffed animals at Jazams, we decided we must start some DIY in our lives. I remember coming across a few blogs with DIY projects in the past. I searched through my millions of bookmarks to find some must-try items.

I remember about 3 years ago a friend in my fashion class had a tshirt on with an intricate spine print on the back. It was so unique and has stuck in my mind since. On Pixie's Bubble, a great blog for fun DIY alternatives to runway wear, I came across her spine cutout Hane's tee. This is number one on my list to try, though I imagine it'll take a bit of practice to make the design look as good as hers!
Next, I recently received an email from my dad with a DIY video by Threadbanger. "How-to Make a Rockabilly Summer Outfit" shows how to make an adorable 50's styled swimsuit out of a men's collared shirt. (Also, the Grease inspired plot of the video hit close to home since I was Sandy in my HS musical of Grease!) This swimsuit is another definite DIY to try, but will require a bit more skill than perfecting cutting a shirt.

For my last DIY item, I discovered embellished tights that will be oh so exciting once the weather cools down. Now, this project would probably be the most time consuming and concentration/precision based, but Cocorosa gives step by step instructions to make the flirty, unique tights. I want to try making a stunner pair of party tights for winter break. Maybe a black sheer tight with sequins here and there, sort of like a chameleon. We'll see if I have the time in Paris to start creating :)

Well everyone, I'd say it's about time to get crafty and start creating your own DIY amazingness. Until next time... xo.

PS I promise to be posting more now.


RePost: BabyCakes

I'm back. Life has been CRAZY and entries will most likely still be a little scarce until after June 3rd once I'm home.

But, a couple weeks ago I had posted an entry about the vegan bakery in NYC called BabyCakes. Well today I came across a cute little HD movie on Vimeo promoting the release of the book which was on May 5.

Just thought I'd share :]


Finals Hiatus

I will be on a hiatus until finals and school are over. My brain to too packed with definitions, standards, and equations to focus on anything else :/
Blogging will resume once my life begins to calm down just a bit.

xx, Q.


Toro! Toro!

This past Monday I styled some outfits for a fashion show I'm involved with at school. The name of the show is Jeanesis: The Origins of Denim, themed after the region of Nimes in France. Nimes has been strongly influenced by Spanish and gypsy culture and has traditions of the corrida (bullfighting) and cattle raising. For the show we are taking inspiration from these influences and traditions by putting models in black lace, floral patterns, boots, excessive jewelry, and looks inspired by Christian Lacroix. 

I've posted two looks that I styled out of the models' own clothing. 

If you're in the Baton Rouge area on Tuesday April 28 come to Jeanesis: The Origins of Denim

xx, Q.


Hey, Babycakes

With a night of insomnia, I've found myself some time to post!
I've been surfing the web for most of the night, and I came across BabyCakes. An awesome vegan bakery in NYC.
They are "refined sugar-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, casein-free, egg-free, vegan, kosher". Though, I'm not vegan NYLON has highly recommended the shop in their blog entry about the founder's BabyCakes cookbook. Next time I'm home (JUNE! I can't wait) I will have to make a trip to the Lower East Side shop to try their vegan cupcakes. Last time I was in the city, I stopped at Magnolia Bakery for a delectable vanilla cupcake for myself and Rachel who was extremely sick and cooped up in her dorm. Maybe this
 time we'll be able to venture out together.

Yumm. I can't wait. 
And for those of you who won't be in the NYC area anytime soon, BabyCakes does deliver!

Until next time (which I hope will be soon),

PS I got accepted into my Paris program, so I will be studying in France all next year! Get ready for some parisian entries come September ^.^


I can't.... I have rehearsal.

Dear Blog,
I haven't abandoned you I promise. I've just had to go away for awhile because tech rehearsals have started for Love's Labour's Lost (the show I'm in).

I will return soon, I promise.
Love, Q.

PS What's amazing about this picture is that my costume really does look like this, so this is basically me backstage.


CVS Delight

I went to CVS last night and  came across the god (or vampire) among men, Robert Pattinson, on the April cover of GQ. He was the perfect find for the role of Edward Cullen, amazingly handsome with mischief behind his eyes... 
I have yet to see the movie because my mom taught me to always read  the book before seeing the movie. By the time I had finished Twilight, the movie had already left theaters. BUT as of March 21 it is out on DVD! I have it downloading as a rental from iTunes as I write. I'm almost done reading Eclipse right now, and will start on the last book of the saga, Breaking Dawn.
I've decided vampires are my people, super pale and beautiful. I could do it. My skin is basically translucent anyway.... Just find me an Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson) and I'm ready to be a vegetarian vampire.

"'And now,' cried Max, 'let the wild rumpus start!'"

They are making a movie adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, which will be out in October 2009. I saw the trailer on Ellen today and decided it was a worthwhile thing to post on. I loved Maurice Sendak's story of Max being sent to bed without supper, and traveling to Where the Wild Things Are. The children's books illustrations were very distinct and from what I saw, the movie seems to have captured the muted, folky colors of the stories fabulous images.
I remember reading this story and also a couple others of Sendak's. I had the Nutshell Library collection growing up which included Chicken Noodle Soup with Rice, Pierre, Alligators All Around, and One Was Johnny. I would also listen to books on tape of Sendak's stories to help me go to sleep. Oh childhood, how far away you seem now. Life was so much simpler then.

* * * *
There definitely seems to be a slew of interesting movies coming out...
Sunshine Cleaning (Amy Adams is adorable)
17 Again (only exciting because Zac Efron is staring in it, I know... I'm a 13 year old girl at heart)
500 Days of Summer (with my favorite - Zooey Deschanel)

Those are the ones that are on my mental list in my head at least. Are YOU excited for Where The Wild Things Are?

xx, Q.


RePost: Introduction: Q.

Hello, Quinn here. Originally from Princeton, New Jersey, I have been residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the past year and a half as an Apparel Design student at Louisiana State University. (I think I will go leave my story of how I ended up in Louisiana for another post. I’m not writing a novel.) I’m also minoring in French and Theatre, but considering double majoring in French. There are so many interesting options in college, I figured why not try to do everything I like while I
can, especially when I’m still young!

Though I’m pretty sure you could just scroll down and read Camille’s intro
ductory entry and basically be reading about me (I’ve come to the conclusion we may be the same person), I am going to expand upon who I am and how I define myself.

I grew up in a very creative, artsy family. My father is a photographer and my mother is a writer. I was always urged to use my imagination and to express my creativity. I guess this background is what eventually led me to my complete infatuation with fashion.
I couldn’t place my style into one definite category. It changes on a day-by-day basis, all depending on my moods and what has inspired me recently. I pull inspiration from everyone and everything, but some inspirations remain constant for me.

I am obsessed with Alice In Wonderland, Marie Antoinette, and Nautical anything. I enjoy the girlish fantasy involved with the first two I mentioned. The story of Alice in Wonderland presents so many interesting characters to pull ideas from, while Marie Antoinette represents one of the first major fashion icons. For nautical themes, I just can’t get enough of blue and white stripes.

Besides fashion, theatre is another one of my loves. Recently I have been trying out a different aspect of the theatre than performance. I am taking a Tutu and Dancewear Design class at the moment and have designed costumes for several studio shows. With my love of theatre, I find myself wanting to create over the top, costumey pieces. I enjoy Christian LaCroix and John Galliano who also find inspiration within the theatre. Especially Galliano with his over the top designs and shows.

I guess I will wrap it
up with just a few more things to know about me. I intend on studying in Paris next year, so get excited for the fabulous Parisian posts (nice alliteration huh). Like my fellow cohorts here, I also very much enjoy music. I love hearing new stuff, but I’m bad at remembering song names and such. Recently, I have come across She & Him and fell in love. Zooey Deschannel is AMAZING and I will definitely have
to post on her later.

Ok, I feel like I’ve only touched the surface of who I am, and that this post is rather scatterbrained compared to Camille and Marissa’s. Those two always seem so much cooler than I do! La de da.
Keep reading my loves!

xx, Q


A Whirlwind Of Two Decades and A Four Leaf Clover.

It has been quite sometime, and I apologize! Life has been hectic with midterms, starting two jobs and a show, turning 20!?, and my irish roots flaring with St. Patrick's Day right around the corner. I promise to post soon. 

Happy Birthday to Me and Happy St. Patrick's Day to You!

xx Q.


spring fever.

Though some of you are stuck in what seems like an eternal winter, down south spring has sprung giving me a bad case of spring fever. This short film, by Albert Lamorisse, was brought to Cannes in 1956 and won la palme d'or, or the golden palm, the highest prize awarded. Le Ballon Rouge is simply adorable and is only making my fever worse.

Speaking of spring and Cannes, this year's 62nd Festival de Cannes will be help May 13 through the 24. French actress Isabelle Huppert will be the President of the Jury. 

Oh how I'd love to be traveling around the Côte d'Azur right now or playing with a red balloon in the streets of Paris instead of studying for midterms...

xx Q.


Metallic Plastic Moss

As I was walking on campus, I came across one of the giant live oaks in the sculpture garden covered in Mardi Gras beads. Today was so beautiful, passing the sparkling, multicolored spanish moss was a pleasant surprise.

On my way back, I spotted another tree covered in beads, only there were a lot more silver and white strands. Reminding me of the icicles that are probably hanging off of the homes of my fellow northerners right now, I was grateful for the southern sun I've become so accustomed to!

Try to stay warm my loves.
xx Q.


Curiouser and Curiouser...

Alice in Wonderland is coming in with full force... and I couldn't be more excited.
With the fun, whimsical, and flirtatious fashions walking the runways for Spring, who wouldn't be? Get ready, because once Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland hits theaters in 2010, we're all falling down the rabbit hole into Alice's Wonderland of phantasmagorical frills and fantastical grace.
I don't know exactly when my obsession started, but it was in full swing about a year ago when I had a "Very Merry UnBirthday" Party. Everyone came as different characters, and I set my table up for a giant tea party.

Later, in May, for a final project, I used the story as an inspiration for a design concept and illustrated a couple pieces for a line. Playing around with a lot of androgyny, Alice, The Mad Hatter, and Tweedledee/Tweedledum influenced my designs. The Mad Hatter piece involved a fitted black satin jacket with coat tails, a ruched cumberbun, and a top hat paired with girly puffed shorts and mary jane pumps. I don't presently have a scanner to put the final illustrations up, but hopefully in the near future I can post them.

Really though, what brought me to write this post was some photographs I came across by Lorenzo Agius. Brilliant styling and compositions, I posted a few of my favorites. I especially love the Mad Hatter in a sea of White Rabbits.

Also, checkout Style Amor's post on the spread in Spanish magazine Ragazza. Their December issue has some more fantasy filled photos of Alicia en el Pais de la Maravillas (Spanish for Alice In Wonderland).

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