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Filling the live tv spot on MTV once TRL left the scene, It's On With Alexa Chung incorporates a talk show setting with social networking interactions. Not only is the show fun and allows viewers to feel present at the show with their posts to Facebook and Twitter being broadcast, but Alexa Chung is absolutely fabulous. She's so witty, has the best accent, super skinny, and, my favorite, INCREDIBLY fashionable. I know M. has posted some on her already, which I will link you to here and here, but I felt the need to express my love as well.

I am incredibly jealous of M. and C. being able to go to the show and sit first row in the audience. Lucky girls. I sat at home and watched while the camera zoomed right into their faces. Here's a picture I took of them (below). I have sent my audience attendee request to MTV, but have yet to hear anything... my fingers are crossed.

Back to Alexa and her amazing style. I've found that my own style has developed into a more cool and casual, laid-back look, rather than the prim and proper, always put together. Alexa has become my icon for this developed look. She tends to wear the styles I prefer, and wears them well! A recent WWWD "What Would She Wear" email was sent to me with an interesting selection of Alexa-inspired choices in clothing, accessories, and makeup.
The article stated, "...the main reason we TiVo the show is to get a glimpse of her enviable wardrobe (her on-air outfits are also detailed via MTV.com!)", which is EXACTLY what I do. My DVR is set to record the series and every time I press play, I cannot wait to see what brilliant outfit she will be wearing. Props to MTV for creating a blog that dissects each outfit she wears on the show. Not only does Tamar Anitai write where each garment is from, but she also gives great suggestions as how to recreate the outfit with some other garment options. Check out the "Buzzworthy Blog" here.

Below I've posted some of my favorite outfits she's worn on-air.

I intend on recreating this outfit below sometime in the near future.

Alexa...ily. I wish I could borrow your clothes/wardrobe from the show.

PS Extra points: She's a big Chanel fan.

[Image Credit: MTV Buzzworthy Blog]

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