RePost: D.I.Yes!

So C. and I explored Princeton today for our soon to come Fashion Profile of town. On our expedition, after ogling the cute Ugly Dolls and precious handmade-type stuffed animals at Jazams, we decided we must start some DIY in our lives. I remember coming across a few blogs with DIY projects in the past. I searched through my millions of bookmarks to find some must-try items.

I remember about 3 years ago a friend in my fashion class had a tshirt on with an intricate spine print on the back. It was so unique and has stuck in my mind since. On Pixie's Bubble, a great blog for fun DIY alternatives to runway wear, I came across her spine cutout Hane's tee. This is number one on my list to try, though I imagine it'll take a bit of practice to make the design look as good as hers!
Next, I recently received an email from my dad with a DIY video by Threadbanger. "How-to Make a Rockabilly Summer Outfit" shows how to make an adorable 50's styled swimsuit out of a men's collared shirt. (Also, the Grease inspired plot of the video hit close to home since I was Sandy in my HS musical of Grease!) This swimsuit is another definite DIY to try, but will require a bit more skill than perfecting cutting a shirt.

For my last DIY item, I discovered embellished tights that will be oh so exciting once the weather cools down. Now, this project would probably be the most time consuming and concentration/precision based, but Cocorosa gives step by step instructions to make the flirty, unique tights. I want to try making a stunner pair of party tights for winter break. Maybe a black sheer tight with sequins here and there, sort of like a chameleon. We'll see if I have the time in Paris to start creating :)

Well everyone, I'd say it's about time to get crafty and start creating your own DIY amazingness. Until next time... xo.

PS I promise to be posting more now.

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