My Dearest Apologies - I've Got Paris on a String

Dear Readers,
I sincerely apologize for my INCREDIBLY long absence. Paris' magic put me under a spell, and I've just come to. This semester has flown by, but brought wonderful and exciting people, places, and events to my life abroad.
I scored a fantastic internship at WWD Paris which has let me experience the real life of a journalist. I have wined and dined with fellow bloggers at a gorgeous apartment in St. Germain des Près while overlooking the sparkling Tour Eiffel. And, my favorite experience of all, I fell into the lap of luck when running late for the Hommage à Jerome Robbins ballet at the famous Opéra Garnier (for those who don't know, this is the opera where Phantom story takes place).

Since I was late, I was going to have to wait to take my seat after the first act was through, until the lighting and sound crew OF THE ACTUAL OPERA HOUSE invited me into the lighting booth to watch the show from there. The crew could not have been nicer or more generous. As the night progressed, one thing led to another and all of a sudden during the entracte I found myself on THE stage where I had just watched professional ballerinas waltz and pirouette. I was absolutely speechless, and couldn't do a thing but smile like a child on Christmas morning. After the final bow, I was offered a full tour of the opera house from the very bottom to the very top, seeing areas that wouldn't usually be seen by those on the public tours.

When the opera house was built, the water table was found to be higher than assumed. So, the building actually sits atop a mini lake, which yes, contains fish. Climbing the 7 flights up to the actual stage, then a few more, I entered the giant practice rooms where we found a little tutu hiding (pictured above). The construction was beautiful, and if you can't see, very intricate. Unfortunately, it was too late to see the costume atelier where every costume is made in-house, but I was promised at my next visit (yes next visit!!) I could. My fingers are crossed for a possible apprenticeship... I hope, I hope.

So my dear readers, if you even bother coming here anymore, this is a little update from my nouvelle vie parisienne.
I really am going to try to keep my promise of updating more (especially because I know I won't hear the end of it from Melissa, of Prête Moi Paris, and M. if I don't)

I hope you haven't lost faith!

[image courtesy of Prete Moi Paris]

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