Let me explain...

My dear readers,

I'm sorry for the major hiatus and that I've fallen off of the face of Quinntessential Style, BUT! I have been working all summer for Condé Nast Digital here in Paris, on the Vogue Paris website in English.

If you'd like to see what I've been translating, and follow my work you can do so on the Vogue.fr in English site of course, or by checking out my 'My Vogue Translations' board on Pinterest.

As Fashion Week has come around once again, I plan to set aside some time to catch you up on some of the amazing shows I saw last season (and show you what you should be wearing this fall!) and to set aside some time to start adding some Fashion Week footage.

Also, I can't wait to share the images from "when I got married" in the Gourmandise et Douceur de Vivre à la Française bridal photo shoot for The Wedding Tea Room blog. Check out Fréd's (the author) post about the shoot on her great wedding blog.
In the meantime, I'll leave you with a sneak-peek shot from the shoot...

Credit: Noel Fouque
My job is fantastic and I'd love to share my work with you, so pretty please check out my translations and Vogue.fr in English - the site only just launched less than six months ago! - especially as we continue to cover the Fashion Weeks from New York to London to Milan to Paris.

Happy Fashion Weeks.

xx, Q.

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