Vendredi en couleur

TGIF, it's time for my second Vendredi en couleur, and this week I chose light pink (or as my mom put it: ballet pink). I discovered my love for this shade of pink this winter when my mom bought me a warm, comfy light pink scarf from Mango. I continued my search for clothing in this color, finding a pretty pink short sleeved sheath from Zara. To my delight, once stores in Paris started to stock spring items, the color was everywhere. I guess you could say I was tickled pink ;)

Pink Lemonade: one of the best things of summer
everything tastes better when it's pink!
Blogger Gillo Filippa wearing gorgeous feathers
These shoes are fabulous but I don't know the designer. Does anyone know?
My pink Zara dress; Check out more styles on my lookbook

xx, Q.

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Vendredi en couleur

So I decided I wanted to dedicate Friday posts to color inspiration. I figured it'd be a fun, vibrant way to welcome the weekend!
This week I've picked Turquoise. The color has been named Pantone's color of 2010. Expect to see the color popping up all over; from runways, to cosmetics, to accessories!

Turquoise Sweater from Chanel Resort 2011

Kirsten Dunst wore this to the 2010 Cannes Film Festival

Summer is here!
M. looking classy as always in a turquoise scarf from NYC, tank from H&M, and Christian Siriano heels with turquoise accented soles
a fun nail color for the summer
Drummer of The Flying Sextoys Pascoe De Glanville surfing turquoise waves in Bali

xx, Q.


Mobsters, Ballerinas, and Crystal Pleating

With Paris' Opera Garnier and the ballet I attended STILL on my mind, I was immediately drawn to an article in the May 19, 2010 issue of WWD, "Dance Class", featuring Gilles Mendel's resort collection for J.Mendel. The designer was asked to design costumes for New York City Ballet's newest work "Call Me Ben". The article discussed how he had to learn the difference between "designing for the stage [and designing for] social settings". Marc Happel, costume shop director for NYCB, was quoted discussing how smaller details will get lost on stage, so bolder is better. He said, "many times I take [the costumes] and stand at the end of a hallway and say 'OK, what you're looking at is Row A. Most everyone else is going to be even farther away'."

The one-act ballet takes place in the forties and follows the story of gangster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. Dressing the women in delicate pleats and flowing mousseline, and the men in classically tailored pinstripe suits, it's clear one of Mendel's first inspirations for the project was formed around Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. The women also sport tweed pencil skirts, cape jackets, and all dance with Forties-styled dance shoes. For Mendel's resort collection, it goes without saying that he brought ballet from the stage to the runway. The collection emphasizes the graceful aspects of ballet with the use of flowing fabrics such as tulle, mousseline, and organza. The movement in the garments is incredible. Looking at the photo with Mendel and the blue dress, it's as if the mannequin is twirling. Each piece is extremely elegant with the glamour and detail seen in Mendel's work.

More of his designs, enjoy!

xx, Q.
WWD Articles

[credit: WWD]


Sex and the City Café: What They Wore

Last Friday I attended an author promo and book signing for the Sex and the City 2 movie premier. Heather Stimmler-Hall of Secrets of Paris and author-chef-food expert David Lebovitz came out to promote their new titles. Heather's Naughty New York is in stores December 2010 and David's Ready For Dessert released previously this spring. The ex-pat authors also spoke about how they ended up in Paris and their fame in the blogosphere.
Being the style blogger I am, I had to photograph their outfits, especially since Heather looked so quinntessentially French.

On Heather: navy dress VINTAGE, red peekaboo heels MINELLI,  red clutch PRINTEMPS; Lipstick - Bourgeois 100% Natural Red
On David: black shirt ARMANI, tailor made leather pants MR. S LEATHER, black shoes BARNEY'S NY, studded belt TARGET

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