Vendredi en couleur

You say potato, I say potahto; you say eggplant, I say aubergine. As requested by my friend Craig while picnicking on Canal St. Martin, this week's couleur is Aubergine, or for the Americans - Eggplant. 
In contrast to last week's Canary Yellow, I give you a color appropriate for all! According to Pantone's Find Your Perfect Color Palette - a guide to helping you figure out what color clothing is right for you - this rich purple is a crossover color, meaning it looks good on everyone. Yay! How do you don your aubergine/eggplant?

Aubergine Flats from Fulvio Bonavia's "A Matter of Taste"- featuring fashionable foods.
My beautiful friend, Rachel Kelley, proving the gorgeousness of aubergine.
Boys, you too can sport the color! Check out his awesome loafers.

My Pantone color palette is Sunrise, what's yours? Find out here and share in the comments!
xx, Q.


Ahhh, Paris, City of Love and Lights

Paris: La Ville D'Amour
Though I'm belated, thank you Girl's Guide To Paris for selecting my image above as one of the winners of their Facebook Photo contest. Good fortune this autumn gave me a glimpse at why Paris really is the most romantic city. After what I assume many years together, this couple still expresses their love for each other, strolling through Paris holding hands.
To see the rest of the photos submitted to the Girl's Guide contest, click here.

I'd also like to congratulate Stacey Pedersen who took first with her photo (right) capturing La Fête Nationale (Bastille Day) fireworks at Trocadero. Between the explosive fireworks, the sparkling Tour Eiffel, and the diminishing glow of twilight, Stacey caught a beautiful spectrum of colors, creating a brilliant representation of The City of Lights.
Paris: La Ville des Lumières
Become a fan and see more of Stacey's photography on her Facebook Fan Page!

Until next time!
xx, Q.

[credit: stacey pedersen]


A Little Slice of Gatsby at the Bois de Vincennes

At the Bois de Vincennes this weekend, Prete Moi Paris held it's first annual Coupe d'Eté Rowboat Races. The event was a wonderful success. Thank you to Captain Melissa for recruiting me as the official photographer to document it. Have a look at some of the photos below.
The race was close, but towards the end the girl's team pulled ahead and finished first. For the grand prize, the winners received a bottle of champagne which they generously shared with the rest of us. ;) The dress code was "white", but only Melissa, her boyfriend Charles, Simey and I complied. Too bad! The pictures would have been much better with everyone stepping out of The Great Gatsby to come to the boat races.
Peeking Through The Trees
Girl's Team
Lining up to start the race
And they're off!
Do you see 'em Skipper Simey?
Close, but no cigar for the guys
The geese decided to join the picnic
Rowing Back Ashore

If you're in Paris next summer keep an eye out for the second annual Coupe d'Eté.

Looking forward to rowing with you next time!
xx, Q.


Vendredi (samedi) en couleur

Bonjour! I missed yesterday's Vendredi en couleur because I was very busy preparing a breton themed crepe dinner party. With the crepes and cidre, guests were required to wear breton stripes comme un marin, in other words, blue and white stripes like a french sailor. Blue and white stripes are a common symbol for the Brittany provence of France originating from a March 27, 1858 Act declaring that these stripes would be the uniform of the French navy. The 21 white and 21 blue striped uniforms have lasted for over 150 years and now appear in everyday fashion worldwide. For this week's color, I decided to go with the nautical color theme featuring some of my favorite mariner looks out there.

Stripes, Ships, and the Sea

I'm in love with this entire outfit, perfect for a picnic at the beach.
My favorite color combination. Perfect for the pale skin, blue eyes, dark hair look ;)

Until next time!
xx, Q.


Vendredi en couleur

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's another scorcher (92℉) today in Paris, France - aka the country that doesn't believe in air conditioning. As I sit face to face with my fan, I decided to choose Fire Engine Red as this weeks Vendredi en couleur. I want to express just how boiling it is outside AND in. So pull your fans out, strip down to your undies, and get ready to sizzle...
Exactly how I feel right now
From Jill Greeberg's "Glass Ceiling" - wouldn't mind diving into a pool right now
Ruby Red Ballet Slippers at a Gallery in the Marais <3
Little Chucks on the beach in Barcelona
Lady Gaga cameo in December 2009 Vogue US "Little Girl & Boy Lost": i wish i looked as fabulous as lady gaga living in this hot, hot heat

Stay cool everyone.
xx, Q.

[credit: weheartit, richard austin, vogue]

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