Vendredi en couleur

You say potato, I say potahto; you say eggplant, I say aubergine. As requested by my friend Craig while picnicking on Canal St. Martin, this week's couleur is Aubergine, or for the Americans - Eggplant. 
In contrast to last week's Canary Yellow, I give you a color appropriate for all! According to Pantone's Find Your Perfect Color Palette - a guide to helping you figure out what color clothing is right for you - this rich purple is a crossover color, meaning it looks good on everyone. Yay! How do you don your aubergine/eggplant?

Aubergine Flats from Fulvio Bonavia's "A Matter of Taste"- featuring fashionable foods.
My beautiful friend, Rachel Kelley, proving the gorgeousness of aubergine.
Boys, you too can sport the color! Check out his awesome loafers.

My Pantone color palette is Sunrise, what's yours? Find out here and share in the comments!
xx, Q.

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