Vendredi en couleur

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's another scorcher (92℉) today in Paris, France - aka the country that doesn't believe in air conditioning. As I sit face to face with my fan, I decided to choose Fire Engine Red as this weeks Vendredi en couleur. I want to express just how boiling it is outside AND in. So pull your fans out, strip down to your undies, and get ready to sizzle...
Exactly how I feel right now
From Jill Greeberg's "Glass Ceiling" - wouldn't mind diving into a pool right now
Ruby Red Ballet Slippers at a Gallery in the Marais <3
Little Chucks on the beach in Barcelona
Lady Gaga cameo in December 2009 Vogue US "Little Girl & Boy Lost": i wish i looked as fabulous as lady gaga living in this hot, hot heat

Stay cool everyone.
xx, Q.

[credit: weheartit, richard austin, vogue]

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