Vendredi (samedi) en couleur

Bonjour! I missed yesterday's Vendredi en couleur because I was very busy preparing a breton themed crepe dinner party. With the crepes and cidre, guests were required to wear breton stripes comme un marin, in other words, blue and white stripes like a french sailor. Blue and white stripes are a common symbol for the Brittany provence of France originating from a March 27, 1858 Act declaring that these stripes would be the uniform of the French navy. The 21 white and 21 blue striped uniforms have lasted for over 150 years and now appear in everyday fashion worldwide. For this week's color, I decided to go with the nautical color theme featuring some of my favorite mariner looks out there.

Stripes, Ships, and the Sea

I'm in love with this entire outfit, perfect for a picnic at the beach.
My favorite color combination. Perfect for the pale skin, blue eyes, dark hair look ;)

Until next time!
xx, Q.


  1. oh I love this post so very much, is that Leighton Meester in the last picture??


  2. I think so... Thats what i thought at least!

    xx, Q.


merci pour vos commentaires. bisous, Q.

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