Hello? Anyone Out There?

Have you given up on me? I hope not.
Thanks for reading. <3
Sparklers on Canal St Martin
Photography by Stacey Pedersen
Please excuse my absence. It was only yesterday I was packing my life up in Paris, moving back stateside to Princeton for a few weeks, and then all the way south to Baton Rouge. How did the end of July become mid-September? A vortex has sucked me up and kept me spinning for weeks now, but with the start of Fashion Week, I decided it's just irresponsible for me not to be blogging.
Every year, Fashion Week seems to come at the worst time, so I have barely been following. Thank goodness for Twitter where I can get a tidbit here and there, especially with their #nyfw site. With my lack of Spring 2011 fashion knowledge, I'm using this weekend to catch up.
Loyal readers, get ready for....

  • Hot Fall advice (and no, I am not saying that to be cheesy, I really mean HOT. Baton Rouge is rather steamy.) on what to wear when you're craving autumn apparel, yet have to dress for 90+℉ and 100% humidity.
  • My views and favorites from the Fashion Weeks.
  • An update on my DIY thrifted dress I have finally finished altering. Including a review on a sweet little sewing spot in Paris near République!
With that said, I am pleased to tell you that I am finally bringing Vendredi en couleur back. I would love suggestions for this week's color!

Well faithful followers thanks for holding your breath and staying with me.
Don't change that channel.

xx, Q.


  1. Yaaay! So glad to see you blogging again! Miss you...

  2. Some Fall fashion advice for tall, dark, slim men would be nice, especially concerning trousers, shoes, and jumpers. xxxxx

  3. my color suggestion is camel! I know thats not as bright as your past colors but I'm obsessed lately <3



merci pour vos commentaires. bisous, Q.

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