Get Excited Marissa

Hello. Please forgive my much too long absence.

Reading some NYLON online and they reminded me that Fashion Week is coming up soonish! Yay. London Fashion Week's schedule has been posted. Shows begin 10 am Friday, September 18 and last until the 23rd (when I leave for Paris!) NYC hasn't said too much on their FW schedule yet.

Some designers in the lineup are: Luella, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Matthew Williamson, and Burberry (who has returned from Milan). Though it would be amazzzing if I could be in Paris so I could just hop the channel to London to see some shows, that is obviously not a possibility. BUT! I can still keep up with LFW TV. And maybe I could possibly hit up NY shows while I'm still here. That would be pretty great.

This is not a lot, I know. I need to probably start posting everyday. I'm really going to try... I am just bumming around this summer.

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