CVS Delight

I went to CVS last night and  came across the god (or vampire) among men, Robert Pattinson, on the April cover of GQ. He was the perfect find for the role of Edward Cullen, amazingly handsome with mischief behind his eyes... 
I have yet to see the movie because my mom taught me to always read  the book before seeing the movie. By the time I had finished Twilight, the movie had already left theaters. BUT as of March 21 it is out on DVD! I have it downloading as a rental from iTunes as I write. I'm almost done reading Eclipse right now, and will start on the last book of the saga, Breaking Dawn.
I've decided vampires are my people, super pale and beautiful. I could do it. My skin is basically translucent anyway.... Just find me an Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson) and I'm ready to be a vegetarian vampire.

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