"'And now,' cried Max, 'let the wild rumpus start!'"

They are making a movie adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, which will be out in October 2009. I saw the trailer on Ellen today and decided it was a worthwhile thing to post on. I loved Maurice Sendak's story of Max being sent to bed without supper, and traveling to Where the Wild Things Are. The children's books illustrations were very distinct and from what I saw, the movie seems to have captured the muted, folky colors of the stories fabulous images.
I remember reading this story and also a couple others of Sendak's. I had the Nutshell Library collection growing up which included Chicken Noodle Soup with Rice, Pierre, Alligators All Around, and One Was Johnny. I would also listen to books on tape of Sendak's stories to help me go to sleep. Oh childhood, how far away you seem now. Life was so much simpler then.

* * * *
There definitely seems to be a slew of interesting movies coming out...
Sunshine Cleaning (Amy Adams is adorable)
17 Again (only exciting because Zac Efron is staring in it, I know... I'm a 13 year old girl at heart)
500 Days of Summer (with my favorite - Zooey Deschanel)

Those are the ones that are on my mental list in my head at least. Are YOU excited for Where The Wild Things Are?

xx, Q.

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