Streets of Paris: The Rest of 2009

Salut mes amis!
I never ended up posting the rest of my fashion photos from my fall semester à Paris. There aren't many, but again, as stated in the post below, number one new year's resolution is to blog more. Meaning, to keep up with my Streets of Paris blog-segment as well.

Stalker shot from my window. They were wearing some great outfits!

Not in Paris - Dublin: a fabulous window display for the holidays with a beautiful emerald gown (unfortunately you can't really see it in this photo) and a table decorated with Ladurée macarons and champagne. yum.

The Following Photos Are From The Galeries Lafayette Holiday Window Display:

Each window had some sort of movement going on inside. This was my favorite. In this, the gingerbread man was conducting and shaking his little bum. So cute, plus the clothes were très chic.

Unfortunately, the photographs just don't do the windows justice. The displays were so beautifully put together. So much detail. Much thought must have gone into their creation.

A mannequin in the department store. Also, an inspiration to alter a former homecoming dress from high school into something more along these luxe lines.

Incredibly cool clutch.

The ceiling of Galeries Lafayette. The Christmas tree was decorated in pink and gold, with these floating presents all around. I was in awe, and felt like a 5 year old at Barbie's dream-house Christmas party.

BONUS: Some outfits I put together this fall, and took some snapshots of for LookBook.nu.

Alice Through The Looking Glass: an Alice in Wonderland inspired ensemble.

Broke Is The New Black: isn't that the truth? Life in Paris...

xx, Q.


  1. love the new banner! and stripes <3

    yay for making a blog post, i'm proud! :)
    lovelove, M.

  2. thanks girly. you're my inspiration!
    xx, Q.

  3. I love the new banner too <3 And all these pictures are amazing, I'm jealous!

    xoxoxoxox! C

  4. I love window displays!! Juicy Couture's most recent one was circus themed and one of my favorites I've ever seen.

  5. ah good to see you are back!
    blogging is def my resolution too.

    (p.s. this is my other google account).


merci pour vos commentaires. bisous, Q.

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