Somebody Has A Case of the Mondays...

Good Morning! Feeling down? It's very possible you're feeling the results of Blue Monday, established in 2005 as the "most depressing day of the year". Blue Monday hits each year on the third Monday in January. Making this year's, today. So, in celebration, or perhaps uncelebration of this event, I've posted some blue inspired images to add a little cheer to your day. Enjoy, and keep smiling.

Don't stay in bed, go out and play!

For a little Blue Monday bonus, click here!

xx, Q.

[credit: weheartit, coco+kelley]


  1. These photos are amazing! I'm gonna keep some for inspiration when course starts :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  2. Lol aw way to get us out of our funks, these definitely made me smile. I especially like the one where the couple are leaning against the old-school van, I want a moment just like that :)
    Great blog!


merci pour vos commentaires. bisous, Q.

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