So British

The British Invasion is reoccurring. This time invading fashion in France.

Everywhere you look in Paris, English fashions seem to popup. From H&M's fall collection straight from Carnaby Street during the 1960's to Le Bon Marché's new exhibit, So London, the UK is taking center stage.

On Saturday, for probably our last beautiful summer day in Paris, I decided to profiter and spend my day wandering. Sure enough I found myself acquainted with the Union Jack as I passed shop after shop. Inspired, I eventually drifted towards the So London exhibit. From top to bottom, customers were greeted by cutout men in bowler hats and suits sporting umbrellas and newspapers. Each floor exhibited a mixture of british dandy and punk rocker styles featuring UK designers like Burberry, Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen; as well as newer to the scene Charlotte Olympia GORGEOUS shoes and singer Lilly Allen's Lucy In Disguise.
My favorite room was the British wonderland setup on the third floor with display after display of luxurious UK goods from clothing to teacups to Royal Wedding hat influenced headbands. Here I found the platformed and catted-out pumps of Charlotte Olympia. The half british, half brazilian designer takes inspiration from the hollywood glamour of the 1940's and incorporates it into her flashy, standout shoes. My favorite design of hers was the Tessa red velvet 6 inch super wedge, not just because I adore incredibly high wedges, but because of the clever black stitched cat's face on the front of the shoe. Of course, I would have bought them in an instant... if I could afford 714€ shoes. Ah, one of these days.
Tessa red velvet super wedge

On display next to the Charlotte Olympia dream shoes were london based Paperself false eyelashes. I was a little excited and felt very en vogue because Christina actually gifted me a set for my birthday this year. These Jianzhi-inspired falsies come in 11 different patterns, each with a symbolic meaning within the Chinese culture. Mine are the Deer & Butterfly pattern - which I intend on wearing at some point to a show during fashion week - and symbolize freedom, beauty, and sensitivity. Thank you, Tina!

Lucy In Disguise
Throughout the third floor exhibit, pieces from Lucy In Disguise by Lilly Allen and her sister, Sarah Owen delicately waited to be noticed - which did not take long at all. Exclusively being sold at Le Bon Marché, the first collection visits the 20's, 30's, and 70's beautifully blending their styles in with those of 2011. Perusing through the pieces felt like turning the pages of a century-old book. Each one I handled with the highest care, not because they were overly delicate, but because the silks and lace deserved the respect. My favorite piece from the collection was a cap sleeved short cream lace dress that I unfortunately did not photograph and now cannot find it online. If you happen to find a photograph of this dress, please send it my way!

If you're in Paris, definitely stop by So London. Besides the third floor wonderland, there is the cultural exhibit featuring Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music and an exposé of Kate Moss photographs within a So London café.

View more photographs from the exhibit. 

Le Bon Marché, 24 Rue de Sèvres - 75007 Paris, until October 15, 2011.

xx, Q.

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