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Two-pairs-of-shoes owning Louisiana native turned New York City fashion maven, Ashley Knox, is competing in Lucky Magazine's Search for a New Lifestyle Contributor. At round three in the contest, Ashley and 118 others were asked to write about their "Best Connection" be it a best friend, sister, cousin, etc. and discuss their styles, personalities, shopping habits, and beauty choices - how they differ and how they're the same. Below is an excerpt from Ashley's post about her and her just as fabulous sister, Rachel. Make sure to click on the link and vote for Ashley. Her fashion and beauty advice accompanied by quirky tales of her migration from Louisiana to the Big Apple deserves some recognition.

HANDS DOWN MY BEST CONNECTION Of course, it has to be my sister. It could be because she's my only sister, but there are a whole host of other reasons - both hilarious and sartorial - why Rachel is my best connection. Truth be told, it wasn't always that way. At age 16, Rachel packed her bags and headed for college (two years early, mind you, being the ambitious Aries that she is), while I was still navigating the halls of raging hormones, a collective experience we like to call the seventh grade. I was experimental and angsty. She was wild and brave. The only common grounds we shared at the time was a cup of coffee every morning, and mine was mostly milk and sugar. Hers, I'm sure, was black and mature. So when I showed up at Rachel's door in 2005, with a duffel bag in hand and essentially homeless, we didn't really know one another. I mean, really know each other. It was the eve of Hurricane Katrina, and there I was, a senior in college evacuating from New Orleans to Baton Rouge with no home, no job, no school, no car, and only two pairs of shoes (one of which were flip-flops!) to call my own...
Continue reading here and be sure to vote! HANDS DOWN MY BEST CONNECTION : Lucky Magazine

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  1. What a sweet post! Just getting around to reading it but nicely done! <3 it.

  2. Thanks, Ashley! Best of luck :)

    xx, Q.


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