Guest Post: Claudine Ivari S/S 2012 Paris

September 29, 2011 Claudine Ivari presented her Spring/Summer 2012 collection during Paris Fashion Week. Melissa Ladd of Prête-Moi-Paris attended the show in my place to report on this young French designer's debut in Paris.
Claudine Ivari SS2012
by Melissa Ladd
Set in the sumptuous and historic hôtel particulier on 79 bis avenue Marceau, Claudine Ivari's fashion show venue looks like something even a princess would daydream about! It is also the setting for her Paris Fashion Week debut. And what a place to show the world her talent...

The theme of her Spring 2012 collection, "L'Or des Moissons" (Harvest Gold), is the golden color of wheat and the weave of its form, as well as the graphic silhouette of the Hallgrimur Church in Reykjavik, Iceland. The entire collection is rampant with elegance and femininity, enough to make you swoon. The marrying of such a natural element (the golden wheat) to such a human made structure (the church) brought out a contrast that doesn't even look like one it blends together so well. Miss Ivari has an artist's eye for shape, design, and texture, and the ability to put them all together to create something that accents the feminine form to perfection. These pieces can be worn for decades to come. They are stunning, timeless, and sophisticated. In addition to her talent, she also has values. Her work is 100% Made in France.
P1110379 P1110385 P1110388 P1110391

Between prête-à-porter and couture, Claudine Ivari's has a talent for design, and an ability to work with noble materials turning them into what looks easy, classic, and simple, though there is nothing simple about her work. It is finished, polished, and has intricate detail (embroidery or weaving) or a well-designed cut for a perfect fit on the body. Frankly, every piece looks divine to slip into.
P1110408 P1110418 P1110424 P1110437 P1110439 P1110448 P1110450
The show was so beautiful and in such an exquisite setting that it quite literally lifted spirits. Applause at the end was as enthusiastic and exuberant as it was sincere. Spectators had these authentic smiles (a rarity at a fashion week event) on their faces as Claudine took her graceful bow. We were all impressed and exhilarated. Those who wanted to stick around afterwards, were invited to nibble on hors d'oeuvres and sip champagne.
What I found to be an especially warm touch, was her three sisters who were so involved in her endeavor. Two of them walked in the show and the other greeted and seated guests. All of them have an incredible glow and gentle personalities that draw you into their intimate world of joyful beauty and sisterly support for one another. The Ivari sisters are as refreshing to Paris Fashion Week as a golden ray of sunlight on a gray day. I will be following this designer, hopefully for years and years to come!
Claudine, 2nd from the right (in black) with her 3 sisters.

Melissa Ladd is an American in Paris and author of Prête-Moi-Paris blog. Also my fellow Fashion Week partner-in-crime.


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  2. Such an elegant collection. I love the beige shades.


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