Avogaire Style Profile: 'Out of the sheerness of her skirt'

Fashion Blog Avogaire style profile on me from the Tranoï tradeshow during Paris Fashion Week.

There an interesting way to layer that one rarely considers: the prospect of a sheer skirt worn above a pair of dark colored shorts or a mini skirt. We love how the skirt barely lets the shoes worn underneath or the shorts be seen. The belt is twisted, the sleeves carefully rolled up and the jewelry and headpiece carefully chosen. It's a look that appears to belong to the simplest but what it really is, is a precise inspection of the garments' attributes and the possibilities that lie within. 
What I WoreGap sweater,  Zara teal sheer maxidress, vintage belt, necklace from Egypt, JADEtribe bracelet, Michael Kors watch, brown lace-up boots

Thanks guys.
xx, Q.


  1. I’ve never heard of that before, there are lots of fascinating customs. Your lamb turned out really well. I hope it brings you every good thing, including prosperity. TFS!


merci pour vos commentaires. bisous, Q.

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