Les Filles de la Revolution: Moon Young Hee Fall 2012

Moon Young Hee - 28 February 2012 - Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Korean designer, Moon Young Hee, presented a slouchy collection of disheveled filles de la revolution February 28, 2012 at the lavish Shangri-La Hotel in Paris. First out were somber, black coats and full length dresses that later lightened up with more feminine fabrics in violet, champagne, olive, and pumpkin. As the French Revolution menswear-inspired collection morphed on the runway to include a more feminine feel, the designer kept the androgyny in her fall/winter looks with an unchanging march of black berets and combat boots. My favorite pieces appeared toward the end in the layered, oversized robe lapels of silky fabrics and muted colors paired with chiffon wrap blouses and loose-fit pants.

Fabrics: satin, silk, chiffon, cotton, jersey

Colors: monochromatic and muted; black, navy, white, violet, champagne, olive, pumpkin, slate

Inspiration/Themes: French Revolution; oversized menswear; long lengths; slouchy, draped fabric gathered in the center - knotted, belted, scrunched

Highlights: pointed shoulders, long coats and robes, layered array of fabrics, sheer loose-fit pants, berets, gloves, combat boots

View more photos from the show here or watch the final run here.

xx, Q.
[credit: Elle]

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